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TORITE Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego Sp. z o.o. ul. Ligocka 103/8 40-568 Katowice

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About Torite

Torite Sp. z o.o. is a tax advisory company designed to meet the sudden needs that burden tax law.

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.We build prestige and reputation, based on the knowledge and experience of our Founders

– Prof. Ing. Renata Hótová, Dr., and Tax Adviser Dariusz Powaga, thanks to whom we enjoy the trust of our clients.

The source of our success is a team of precisely educated people: tax advisors, lawyers, accountants. Our services are addressed to commercial law companies, civil lawyer partnerships, individuals, entrepreneurs, ensuring that our work meets your requirements, while also reflecting the principles of the Code of Ethics of a professional tax adviser. Torite Sp. z o.o. is a company providing professional accounting services, also being a law company combined. Although the company has a long lasting tradition, the methods we pursue are innovative.

Thanks to that we can use modern methods, with proven and reliable solutions, thanks to which we enjoy the trust of our customers. We provide services both as a tax office and as an accountant, and based on the rich experience of our team, we care about the interests of taxpayers. Our law company, based on 23 years of professional experience in the Ministry of Finance, specializes in dealing with excise, foreign exchange, customs and gaming taxes.

Our team is focused not only on accountants, tax advisors but also on lawyers and attorneys, thanks to which we stand out in the service market of other companies with a similar profile of activity, and in a responsible and professional way we can verify our work in terms of its compliance with the applicable laws of various jurisdictions. We communicate and consult to ensure the highest quality of service and to be able to discuss issues and consult with several employees.

We also make sure that the contact with our employees is simple, efficient and communicative. In order to be effective and to keep up with the changing regulations, our tax advisors and accountants are systematically involved in the training that is credit their knowledge. We are familiar with mechanisms related to the functioning of companies, individually analyzing their designed activities

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