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We offer professional accounting and personnel services tailored to the individual needs of clients both in Poland and in the Czech Republic.

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We ensure the reliability of settlements with the offices within the framework of the National Tax Administration and ZUS. Our offer is addressed both to businesses conducted in the form of one-person business, partnership and commercial. We also support people who want to start a business and companies that put their first steps on the Polish and Czech market.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • keeping accounting of business;
  • tax records of revenues and expenditures;
  • lump-sum settlements on recorded revenues;
  • staffing and payroll;
  • Audit;
  • preparation of financial reporting,
  • tax optimization,
  • transforming one-person activities into other legal forms,
  • keeping an accountant’s supervision,
  • risk analysis in an enterprise

The advantage of our company is conducting accounting and advisory activities. We are aware that proper accounting is the key to effective management of corporate finance. Accounting books remain an important source of information about the company’s assets, revenues or costs that entail conducting business. Our activities include conducting comprehensive accounting in the form of accounting books of business entities, payroll and human resources, as well as assistance in setting up and abolishing business activity, choosing optimal forms of taxation.

We carry out accountancy by:

  • verification of documents entered into the system and pre-booked data,
  • We calculate the financial results for balance sheet and tax purposes.

In view of the above we are dealing with:

  • establishing and maintaining accounting books based on the provisions of the Accounting Act and the required accounting standards,
  • development of accounting policies,
  • making declarations and tax returns (PIT, CIT);
  • preparation of financial statements as well as reporting for statistical purposes,
  • keeping a tax book of revenues and expenditures,
  • keeping separate records for VAT purposes,
  • keeping records of equipment,
  • preparation of tax returns and tax returns,
  • keeping records of revenues,
  • maintaining a list of fixed assets,
  • making declarations and tax returns,
  • calculation of advances on income tax (PIT, CIT),
  • drawing up a Single Control File,
  • making intrastat declarations.

We analyze accounting books in terms of fairness and correctness of accounting for economic events, as well as reliability in determining the financial result at the end of particular reporting periods. We also offer advice on document circulation and help with the transaction. We also provide the opportunity for the accounting office to take responsibility for our tax advisors for keeping books and calculating taxes

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